How to Survive a “Pineapple Express”

They call them Atmospheric Rivers, weathers of water flowing on the wind. While they’re not rare here–even in the land of drought–we’ve had a barrage this year of three significant storms. The first two were Arctic, dumping snow; and, at our house, mud, sliding off Tivy Mountain, since the culverts clogged and the deluge ran over the road. Today’s was a Tropical River; they call it the Pineapple Express. Mill Creek hit almost 20,000 cubic feet per second (deadly fast) and flooded the Kings River.

I can only praise Fresno County crews for preparing levees, culverts, and washes, Cal Fire for their community assistance with shovels and sandbags, and Kings River Conservattion District and Kings River Water Association for monitoring Pine Flat Dam to adjust to flows in from the creeks and snow melts and rainfall run-offs.

We ended up with a moat protecting the RiverHouse.

We improved drainage in front of the carport, and here on the Tractor Flat, all gathering in the French drain to the river. We were never in peril. The house was never in peril. But, if there was a mudslide, we might be stuck, unable to drive out. So, we packed one car for evacuation 2 miles down the road, out of the mudslide zone. Thankfully, an unnecessary precaution. (so far…)

We had to replace the driveway after storm #1, but so far, so good.

The animals aren’t crazy about this weather. Greg calls the pool in the llama yard Loch Nessie (her name is Nessie).

As I write, it’s pouring again, but we think the worst of the peril has passed.

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