Greg’s Wine Cave

So, Greg has been making red wine in Piedra. We planted 50 vines: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Alicante Bouchet and Petit Verdot. This year, year 4, he produced 650 lbs of grapes, 50 gallons of wine. RiverHouse Wine gets better every year.

That much wine has to sit and wait somewhere, so we dug out a cave from our dry and rocky terrain. We hauled out boulders the size of Smart Cars. When we hit Volkswagon-sized boulders, we had to stop. Fortunately, the subterranean peaks were more or less level, and we slid a SeaTrain in and packed it with insulation from a fruit packing freezer.

Wine storage lines the north wall, but Greg gave me the 8X20 south wall to make a mural. I crowd-sourced corks from our favorite wineries, friends and family, and here’s what it looks like:


2 responses to “Greg’s Wine Cave

  1. What an awesome mosaic! What fun went into drinking the wine that was corked in
    the bottles!

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